4 Common Garage Maintenance Issues

As a homeowner, it is important to take care of your garage door to avoid more expensive repairs. Many of us take our garage for granted so long as we can open and close the doors. Unfortunately, failing to maintain the garage doors may cause serious security issues.

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What are the most common garage maintenance issues? 

Your garage door may need some maintenance as it ages. Some of the more frustrating maintenance issues make it so your garage won’t open or close. This can happen because of many issues.

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Here are the common garage door opening and closing issues you should know. 

  1. The Door Won’t Close All The Way
  2. Garage Won’t Open/Garage Spring is Broken 
  3. Worn Out/ Obstructed Sensor
  4. Broken Garage Door Opener

1) The Door Won’t Close All The Way

If a garage door close halfway and then gets stuck, it can be a sign of a serious maintenance issue. A plausible explanation for the malfunctioning doors could point to balancing issues, or maybe the track has a problem that needs repairs. Either way, this is a repair that you may need to call a professional like My Garage And Gates to fix it.

2) Garage Won’t Open/Garage Spring is Broken

Garage doors move up and down with the help of the torsion spring. The doors won’t open if the door springs break. You’ll know that the springs are broken when you hear a firecracker sound when trying to open the doors. It will leave the spring hanging down. 

Because garage doors are so heavy, this is another repair where you will need a professional. Trying to lift a garage door without the proper equipment can result in serious injury. 

3) Worn Out/Obstructed Sensor

A popping and squeaking sound as the garage door moves could signify worn-out rollers. These either need to be replaced or need lubrication depending on the state of the rollers. 

Another common maintenance issue is a worn-out or blocked sensor. If the photo eye sensors malfunction or get obstructed, your garage door won’t function properly. Be sure to leave the garage sensor unobstructed when attempting to close the door. 

4) Broken Garage Door Opener

If your garage fails to open or close, it’s easy to blame the door. Sometimes, the problem is with the garage door opener. Maybe it has lost remote control due to empty batteries, or the transmitter has an issue. You can check the batteries to confirm.

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My Garage And Gates Can Help 

Whenever you experience common garage maintenance issues, it’s essential to hire a professional to repair the garage door. Addressing the problems by yourself can exacerbate the issues, despite using the online DIY garage door repair guidelines. My Garage And Gates is here to help yo repair and maintain your garage doors.

Contact us today for reliable garage door repair and maintenance services.

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