5 Best Materials for Garage Doors

The best materials for garage doors are robust, durable, and attractive. The material should improve your home’s curb appeal. When shopping for a garage door, you need to pick an option that suits your needs and style, as many material choices are on the market.

What are the best materials for garage doors? 

Garage door architects and manufacturers work tirelessly to design beautiful and durable garage doors. They use various materials to ensure all homeowners get what suits their climate, budget, and aesthetic needs. What are these materials?

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Here are the best materials for garage doors, including their features, pros, and cons.

  1. Wood
  2. Aluminum
  3. Steel
  4. Fiberglass
  5. Glass

1) Wood 

Wood garage doors bring a sense of elegance to your home. Wood’s renewable nature makes it eco-friendly. Various wood types can be customized to achieve a unique look for every homeowner. Wood is ideal for mild climates because frequent contact with moisture from snow or rain and drastic temperature changes can damage it.

2) Aluminum

To achieve a more contemporary look on your garage doors, you can pick aluminum over other materials. Aluminum garage doors are naturally resistant to corrosion and rust and require low maintenance. This garage door material is also customizable to fit your specific design. However, hailstones can dent aluminum because it is lighter.

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3) Steel

Steel is the most popular garage door material because it is flexible, durable, and incredible. Steel comes in various designs, making it the best alternative to wood. You can pick insulated steel to increase its R-value and strengthen it. Unfortunately, steel is more susceptible to rust and corrosion when exposed to moisture.

4) Fiberglass

Fiberglass garage doors are often overlooked in many homes but are attractive. This material won’t shrink, rust, or warp when exposed to moisture. The good thing is that it allows natural light into your garage. Fiberglass is suitable for warmer climates with low winds. High winds in coastal areas can damage fiberglass garage doors.

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5) Glass

Glass garage doors incorporate a contemporary look into your home’s design. The material makes your house look attractive from the outside. The good news is that glass options are resistant to rust and corrosion. It also allows natural light to pass through to illuminate your garage. However, fixing glass panels or doors requires a specialist.

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Pick Your Garage Door With My Garage And Gates

Investing in the best materials for garage doors and gates guarantees long-lasting results. Consider your desired style and material choice when looking for something to install on your garage or carriage house door. Your residential garage door needs to be painted or stained to increase its lifespan, whether wood composites or steel.

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