When you plan to install a gate in your home, you may get overwhelmed by the various types of gates. The secret is to add a sturdy gate that can protect your family, property, and pets. The entrance must also be aesthetically pleasing to create a good impression.

What types of gates are there for residential properties?

Installing a beautiful gate can improve your home’s curb appeal. Thankfully, there are many gate designs. But as you choose your favorite gate style, consider the impression you want to create in onlookers passing by your entrance.

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Here are the various types of gates to consider installing in your home.

  1. Sliding Gates
  2. Double Gates
  3. Composite Gates
  4. Wooden Gates
  5. Iron Gates
  6. Aluminum Gates

1) Sliding Gates

Sliding gates have gained popularity globally due to their important functional designs. You have to slide the gate to close or open it. A plausible reason to invest in this gate is that it opens sideways against the wall, saving on space. 

2) Double Gates

If you want a gate with a minimalist design, consider installing a double gate. It has two doors that you can operate individually or together. It’s ideal for various kinds of homes. You can lock one side of the gate to the ground and close or open the other side.

3) Composite Gates

Composite gates consist of boards created from a mixture of plastics, wood fibers, and plastics, giving them a woody appearance. However, they are not susceptible to pests and rotting like natural wood. You can install it in your driveway gates to add aesthetics.

4) Wooden Gates

If you want a gate that outsiders can’t see through, consider installing a wooden gate. Besides adding privacy to your property, the gate will incorporate a sophisticated and luxurious look into your home. However, wooden gates are costlier than most gates.

5) Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates offer a more classic look, making them a popular choice in classic homes. They are highly durable and cost-effective but don’t offer the same privacy level as wooden gates. It can come with a sliding or double-swing design.

6) Aluminum Gates

Aluminum gates can be molded into creative designs because they are lightweight. The good thing is that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, although it has a delicate appearance. Thankfully, its silvery look can add curb appeal to your home.

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