Advanced Fence Installation and Repair in Houston

Theall Rd, Houston, TX, US, 77066


Client Overview

A homeowner in a new community in Houston sought to enhance their property by modifying the existing fencing. Dissatisfied with the original fence's placement and quality, the client aimed to reposition the fence for better utilization of the backyard space and improve its overall quality.

Project Challenges

  • Initial Setup: The property's original fence, installed by the builders, extended to the back of the property, creating an impractical side yard.
  • Quality Concerns: The builder's fence was of substandard quality, lacking concrete support.
  • HOA Approval: As the property was part of a homeowner’s association, any changes to the exterior needed approval.

Service Approach

  • Consultation and Planning: Garage and Gates, a reputable service provider found via Google Maps, was tasked with the project. They began with a thorough consultation to understand the client's needs and vision.
  • HOA Coordination: The team efficiently managed the process of obtaining HOA approval, ensuring all guidelines were met.
  • Material Procurement: All necessary high-quality materials were sourced and delivered promptly.
  • Sprinkler System Management: During installation, sprinkler issues arose, which were adeptly addressed without causing project delays.


  • Fence Repositioning: The front-facing part of the fence was replaced, and the sides were extended, effectively moving the fence forward.
  • Gate Installation: Gates were added on both sides for accessibility and aesthetics.
  • Quality Enhancement: Unlike the builder’s installation, Garage and Gates used concrete to secure the fence posts, adding durability.
  • Rot Board Addition: A rot board was installed at the bottom of the new fence, ensuring longevity and a cohesive look with the existing structure.


  • Completion Time: The entire project was impressively completed within 2 days.
  • Quality Improvement: The new fence surpassed the original in terms of quality and design.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The repositioned fence enhanced the backyard's usability and visual appeal.
  • Client Satisfaction: The homeowner was exceedingly pleased with the outcome, noting the professionalism and efficiency of My Garage and Gates.


My Garage and Gates demonstrated exceptional expertise in fence installation and repair, significantly improving the client's property in Houston. Their ability to handle complex aspects like HOA approvals and unexpected challenges like sprinkler repairs highlights their comprehensive service capability. With plans to engage them for further enhancements, the client’s continued trust is a testament to their satisfaction.


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