We take pride in our home or business, and we diligently attend to the matters that require improvement or renovation. Yet eventually, even with all of our attention, certain elements have a way of slipping by us due to their familiarity. Like regular maintenance for cars requires periodic checks for signs of wear and tear; so too should assessing your fence’s condition be part of routine evaluations – as it may need repair or replacement after years of faithful service! To determine when it is time to replace your fence, click the link below for more information.

Continue reading below to see what a commercial project should entail.

When is it time to switch out your fence at your home or business? Here are some indications that will let you know:

1. Fragmented Timber

When your fence is riddled with chipping, fractured or cracking wood boards; it’s time to replace the whole thing. Consider swapping out materials for something more resilient and hardier such as a combination of two different materials. If you still prefer the look of wood though, remember that treating it properly will be essential in order to get maximum longevity from your new fence!

2. Gaps in the Barrier

Is your fence starting to look like a “polka dot” piece of artwork? Chances are you have an infestation with critters such as mice or termites. To combat this issue, it’s essential for you to contact both an exterminator and our professional fencing experts immediately! Not only do we know exactly how to manage the situation but also can get your installation completed swiftly and efficiently.

3. Leaning Fence or Missing Panels and Pickets

If your fence is leaning, don’t try to prop it back up. It could have faulty posts or broken boards that won’t stand up in gusty winds. Additionally, if there are any missing boards present on the fence, this should be considered a structural issue – not something you can simply patch-up and expect to last as pets or small children will easily push through them when they’re left unsupervised outside. So, repair or replacement of the entire structure may need to be carried out for safety’s sake!

4. Zero privacy

If you can view your neighbors and they could peer into your backyard, then a new privacy fence is the ideal solution. This way, you not only protect your own privacy but that of those around as well.

6. The Height is Not as Expected

Is your fence tall enough to keep your pups from jumping over it? If not, you may want to consider replacing the entire thing for optimal security.

7. Exterior remodel

Revamp the outside of your home to make it look brand new! Whether updating a single element or completely transforming every inch from top-to-bottom, an exterior remodel of your fence is certain to increase both curb appeal and value. If your fence is looking a tad drab after you gave the exterior of your home an upgrade, then don’t worry, My Garage And Gates is here to save the day! Get in touch with us for a free quote and we’ll provide you with a beautiful new fence that will fit seamlessly into the look and feel of your estate.

Helpful Tips to Guide You When Selecting the Best Style that Fits Both Your Aesthetic and Practical Needs:

A fence is like a guard for your family’s picture frame. After all of the work it takes to get that ideal snapshot, you want something that will safeguard it, give its own distinct edge, and make it pop from the rest. A fence works as an anchor around your property, so everything inside stays safe; not only yourself and loved ones but also any furry friends!

When selecting a new fence for your property, style is as crucial of an aspect as the type. After all, not only will it give your boundary a certain look; it will also impact the purpose and effectiveness of the fence. Thus, make sure to take into consideration several factors before making this important decision.

Superior Functionality

Is privacy your number one priority? Depending on the location and other factors you must consider related to privacy, many people rate it at the top. If you like the decorative look, there are privacy fences with the top 1 ft. featuring lattice, bars, etc.

However, if you merely want to keep children and pets from running out of the yard and still enjoy a beautiful view beyond the fence, other styles are more suitable, such as ranch, iron, and wood fences.


Towering above the rest, height is a coveted trait that can make someone stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s reaching for something on a high shelf or making an impact in their field, those of greater stature have more potential to do great things. Though you may not be subject to the regulations of an HOA, if you’re installing a fence, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your local permit rules and requirements. Height especially can play a factor when applying for permits; make sure that whatever fencing solution you choose is compliant!


Alluring-Captivating-Enchanting. Aesthetic is all that and more!! A quality that brings beauty to the eye, satisfying both your visual senses and those of others around you. Whether it be within clothing, art, or design, aesthetics has an effect on us all if done well! Depending on the style of your home, be it Victorian, modern, or rustic, the type of fence you choose should flow naturally. My Garage And Gates professionals are experienced and will help you sort out these options to find what’s best for you.

How to Make Sure Your Property is Ready for a Professional Fence Installation with These Helpful Steps:

Are you ready to install a gorgeous new fence around your property? To save yourself the stress and hassle, keep these helpful reminders in mind while planning and executing your plans to reach that desired outcome.

1. Validate Property Lines

A professional fence company will assist if you don’t have the necessary information or need to locate your survey and will include costs in the quote.

2. Secure the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Obtaining the necessary permit for a fence requires your property survey in many areas, and fees typically cost between $150-$400. Working alongside an experienced fencing company such as ours can help expedite this process by providing you with a comprehensive plan along with your survey and payment information to submit for review.

3. Selecting the Right Fencing Materials for Your Home

Before deciding on the appropriate fence to protect your property, it is important to consider various options including Iron, Vinyl, Trex (composite), Wood, Aluminum, Chain Link, and many more. Careful consideration can ensure that you select a type of fence that will best meet all of your needs. Weigh your options when selecting the ideal fence type for your property in order to ensure both satisfactory and long-lasting results.

4. Eradicate All Barriers from the Fencing Perimeter

Clear away any obstacles that may be obstructing your paths, such as rocks, tree stumps, and weeds. To protect valuable items from potential harm or destruction, move potted plants out of the way and cover them up securely. Be sure to move any and all large items and cover them up in order to shield any treasured items from potential damage.

5. Check Underground Utilities/Irrigation

To ensure safety and minimize the risk of disruption, locate and verify all underground utilities/irrigation systems. Check for any water lines, sewer lines, electrical wires, or PVC pipes being used for sprinklers in particular. If you’re unsure about your property’s conditions, contact utility companies to request a report. This will help prevent broken pipes as fence crews dig post holes. Our skilled fencing installers near you can also provide assistance with these matters if needed.

When you choose My Garage And Gates for your fencing needs, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a team to help guide you through the design process, installation on-site, and post-installation customer service. Our services are top of-the line: don’t wait any longer! Take advantage of your FREE FENCE ESTIMATE now!


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