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Entry Gate Features Solutions in Houston Texas

Entry gates are a key component of your home or business’s security system. Our professional installers in Houston, TX are trained to install and repair different types of entry gate features, provide access control solutions for any gates with features such as keypads, combination locks, and more. Whether you’re looking at installing an entirely new entry gate or feature from scratch, you want to upgrade your regular iron gate with an elegant design like an entry gate with wood accents, or just need some help updating or fixing your existing entry gate so it works better than ever before-our expert team is here to provide any of these services and more to the highest of standards.

Entry Gate Features Solutions in Houston Texas
Best Custom Entry Gate Installations Pedestrian Gate Installation Houston TX

Entry Gate Feature Functions in Houston Texas

The entry system for your Houston, TX home or business can be as simple or complex as you want. There are many options available as well as different materials of the entry gate to choose from. With a variety of gate remote options, keypads, locks, and even matching your main gate to your entry gate! Safety control sensors are a feature of any automatic gate installation, swing gate installation, chain link gate installation, wood driveway gate, composite driveway gates, an iron gate with wood accents, and the same can be done for a matching entry gate, both being designed with the same or similar features in order to give you complete and safe access to your home or business. Built with the latest technology, these highly advanced devices ensure your entry gate will stay in working order so that it can be used safely and remotely every day! Keypad systems will provide an easy way for offices buildings, apartment complexes, warehouse spaces and even residential homes, all while also helping to protect against unwanted visitors trying to enter through unsecured locks or gates. The multi-combination mechanical lock features are one of the most popular ways to secure any residential or commercial entry gate, and these locks also allow access with a custom entry code. All of these entry gate features are designed to fit any type of gate model, material, and design.

Hire a Professional to Install or Repair Entry Gate Features in Houston, TX

Our expert team can install and repair any entry gate features. We proudly serve Houston, TX and the surrounding areas so if you have a broken or malfunctioning entry gate or are in need of replacing or repairing any entry gate features, we’re here to help.

Slide Gate Swing Gate Installation Houston TX

Openers: Slide Gate & Swing Gate

Available to fit both sliding or swing gates, our access control openers are designed to handle heavy traffic, commercial/industrial materials, and extreme weather conditions.

Barrier Gates Installation Houston TX

Barrier Gates

We carry a variety of high-quality access control systems to fit your driveway or barrier gate. It’s our goal to provide a level of security and accessibility that exceeds your expectations.

telephone system service

Telephone Systems

Telephone entry systems are designed for studio or gated communities, office buildings, or industrial areas that require an independent access control system or DKS telephone entry only.

Entry Systems Installation Houston TX

Entry Systems

Suitable for both single-family or multi-tenant complexes, entry systems are available with a variety of security options including touchscreen access, telephone entry, and video streaming.

garage opener service

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are access control systems connected directly to garage doors. Designed to give you automatic control, our garage door openers can fit any type of door and are guaranteed to last.

Fire Department Quick Releases ACS installation Houston

Fire Department Quick Releases

Fire Department quick releases are specifically designed to give users emergency access when there is a fire or other emergency need. They are most often attached to the control box of most gate openers.

Safety Control Sensors services Houston TX

Safety Control Sensors

Safety control sensors are designed to give you complete control over your automatic gate or garage door. Built with the latest technology, these sensors make sure your gate or door access stays in working order.

Keypads services Houston TX


Keypad access control systems are great for office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouse spaces, and more. With a keypad, you can give specific access to users with a secure alpha-numerical entry code.

Multi Combination Mechanical Locks services Houston TX

Multi-Combination Mechanical Locks

Multi-combination mechanical locks are one of the most popular ways to secure residential or commercial gates. Designed to fit any type of material, these locks allow access with a custom entry code.

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Installation & Repair Services
Garage Doors

We provide both repair and installation for residential garage doors, commercial garage doors, and garage door openers.


We’re proud to offer a variety of gates including custom iron, wooden, aluminum, composite, and more.


We offer a wide range of fencing materials for your property including wood, chainlink, iron, and more.

Entry Gate Features in Houston, TX

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve been able to install a number of different access control systems and gate features across the Greater Houston, TX area including gate operators, entry gates and any entry gate features. We specialize in the highest quality access control brands and take pride in making sure you have a system that meets your needs. Get an idea of some of the different systems we can install, repair, and maintain by browsing our gallery.

What access control system brands do you carry?

We’re proud to carry some of the top control system brands on the market. These include but are not limited to LiftMaster, Eagle, All-O-Matic, Apollo, Viking, and more.

What type of access control installations do you provide?

We offer different residential and commercial installations for your home or business. From cloud-based access control systems to traditional keypad entry-based systems, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest level of security and convenience.

What are some of the most common repair issues?

We offer residential and commercial repairs 24/7. If your home or business is facing an access control emergency that requires assistance, our experienced team is prepared to assist. Here are some of the most common repairs for access controls:

  • Batteries/Power Source: If your gate doesn’t open when you use your remote or keypad, start by ruling out the simple things first. To determine if your device’s batteries are the problem, try using one of the other controls that open your gate. If it works, it’s likely that the batteries in your device have lost their charge. However, if a new set of batteries doesn’t get the device working again, then it may be time to replace the remote or keypad. If you don’t have a second control handy, you can usually tell that the batteries in a remote or keypad have lost their charge if the device’s built-in light no longer flashes when you use it. If the batteries aren’t the problem, check to see if the power source for the gate operator has been disrupted. Ensure that it’s plugged into a working outlet and check your breaker box to determine if the circuit breaker for your gate system has been switched off.
  • Tripped Sensors: Your gate’s photo-eye sensors send a beam of light from one side of the gate opening to the other. If the photo eyes detect something in the gate’s path, the gate system will no longer open or close (or it will begin opening and closing then reverse direction). Objects such as sticks, rocks, and leaves can sometimes find their way into the path of the gate. Generally, a flashing red light on the photo-eye sensors indicates that an obstruction has been detected. Find out if there’s anything in the path of the gate’s sensors. The two photo eyes could also be misaligned. If the sensors aren’t “seeing” each other, it will cause them to stop working. The sensors can be adjusted and realigned by hand. Another possibility is that the lenses of the photo eyes could be dirty. Wipe them with a cloth if they look smudged.
  • Malfunctioning Sensors: Occasionally, gate sensors can malfunction and will halt gate operation as a result. This will occur if there’s an issue with the wiring. For example, sometimes pests make their home inside the housing of the sensors or rodents chew the wires. If you suspect that the sensors are malfunctioning, visually inspect the electrical components to see if there’s any damage. If something seems off, call in a gate repair technician to resolve the problem. Note that electrical issues will also result in the sensors failing to detect people, pets, vehicles, or anything else that enters the path of the gate.
  • Broken Gate Operator: If your gate system isn’t responding to your remote control or keypad, the issue could be with the gate operator. To determine if this is the case, take a look at the control board located inside the housing of the operator. The control board will have a diagnostic display that signals any issues with the system. If the display shows an error code, look up its meaning and the corresponding troubleshooting steps in the user’s manual.
Where are your access control technicians located?

We have a large crew located within a 35-mile radius of Houston, Texas. If you need access control installation or repair, we make every effort to be there as fast as possible and within the scheduled time.

Enhance Your Entry Gate With An Access Control System

As professional installers of entry gate access control systems, we know you’re looking for ultimate convenience and remote control. Get an entry gate access control system connected to your gate today!

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