A chain link fence is a quality fence, and one of the most popular types of fencing for both residential and commercial properties. Chain link fencing features strong galvanized steel links woven together to form a durable barrier. It is strong, durable, provides fence security, and is an effective prevention method against intruders. Furthermore, because chain link fences come in varying heights, you can customize it to fit the needs of your specific property and make sure that any unwanted visitors stay out. 

But what other benefits does a chain link fence offer? Read on to find out.

Maintaining Security

Chain link fences are ideal for keeping animals in and unwanted visitors out. They provide superior security when compared to a wood or vinyl fence, as they can’t be easily climbed over or broken into. Additionally, chain link fences offer visibility, so you can keep an eye on your property and its occupants at all times.

Safety Measures

Chain link fencing provides peace of mind when it comes to safety. It prevents children from accidentally falling into your pool or taking unauthorized swims in it; this is especially important if you have young kids or pets that like to wander around the yard unsupervised. Making this option the best fence for home security.


Chain link fencing is made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel mesh that’s woven together to create a sturdy barrier that can be combined with additional features such as barbed wire or razor wire for even more protection. This galvanized steel makes it exceptionally strong and durable, which also makes this type of fencing corrosion-resistant, so it can withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Moreover, it’s also possible to install motion sensors or surveillance cameras around the perimeter for enhanced safety. 


Visibility Is Key

Unlike wood fencing, which blocks light and air flow, american wire fence allows you to keep an eye on your front yard, back yard, or driveway without feeling shut off from the outside world. Plus, with its open design, it won’t obstruct the views of your beautiful landscaping such as shrubs, flowers, and trees that could otherwise provide more privacy than a wooden fence would allow for. Chain link fences can feature vinyl-coated mesh fabric that can be adjusted so that it obscures vision from passersby without blocking out light or airflow. This makes them ideal for people who want peace of mind without sacrificing natural beauty or ventilation in their yards or properties. In addition, chain link fencing comes in various colors such as green, brown, white and black, allowing you to choose the shade that best suits your landscape or personal preference. Furthermore, some models even feature ornamental post caps which add extra visual appeal without compromising on strength or durability. Our local fence installers in Houston, TX will make sure to uphold visibility of your home or business landscaping upon installation, and with a large fence supply we will be able to provide the highest quality of chain link fence services. 

Long Lasting & Cost Effective

Chain link fences are some of the most affordable fences and gates available on the market today. They require minimal maintenance compared to other materials such as wood which requires regular staining and painting to maintain its appearance over time. Whereas wear and tear doesn’t show up on chain link fences nearly as much which means you don’t need to replace them nearly as often either, making this an affordable fence option! With chain link fences being so cost-effective they make for the best fence solution for those who are looking for budget-friendly fencing solutions while still wanting quality materials that will last them years down the line. Additionally, chain links are resistant to termites—a common issue with wooden structures, so there is no need to worry about expensive pest control treatments either!


Three Main Steps We Follow to Protect and Maintain a Chain Link Fence After Installation

Chain link fences are stronger than wood and can withstand heavy winds, making them a great choice for both residential and commercial properties. They require maintenance only twice a year, but sometimes an older chain link fence may need to be painted. As the top chain link fence installers out of all Houston fence companies, here is a look at how we paint and maintain a chain link fence.

  • In the first step in painting your chain link fence, we will remove any rust or corrosion with a wire brush. Our fence master will then cover the ground and nearby plants with a drop cloth to protect them from any overspray. Once the rust has been removed, our fence builder will apply a rust inhibitor where it was starting to set in and wait for the proper drying time.
  • Next, in the second step, our team will use a long nap roller to apply the paint evenly across the chain link fence. Then a roller will help to ensure that the paint is applied evenly while also saving paint in the process. Finally, to ensure you have the best chain link fence that will last for years to come, we will be here and available to check on your fence regularly throughout the year with maintenance appointments, and if any repairs are needed, our expert chain link fence installers and repair technicians will perform any repairs or replacements of the entire fence if needed. This will help keep your chain link fence looking its best all year round!
  • Lastly, a chain link fence is strong enough to withstand heavy winds and requires only minimal maintenance. However, if your old chain link fence does need to be painted or replaced, we make sure to follow the proper steps to do so. Additionally, checking on your fence periodically throughout the year can help keep it looking its best all year round! With these tips in mind, and the My Garage And Gates chain link fence experts here to help, you can keep your chain link fence looking great for years to come!

When it comes time for choosing a fence for your home or business property and looking for the “best fence companies near me”, look no further than My Garage And Gates. Not only is a chain link fence one of the most affordable options available but it also provides superior security against intruders; plus, with its open design and options of painting you can still enjoy visibility without compromising safety or privacy from outside onlookers. This type of fence requires little maintenance and because of that, over time—unlike wood which needs regular staining and painting—a chain link fence will save you money in the long run too! So, if you’re looking for the “best rated fence companies near me” and to find an effective solution that won’t break the bank, then look no further than a classic chain link fence installed and maintained by My Garage And Gates!

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