Access control systems allow you to control who enters a designated location or room at a specific time. The access control system is common in restricted spaces in workplaces to give access to specific workers. Since it’s different from control systems that prevent people from accessing virtual areas, we can call it physical access control.

If you want to boost security in designated areas in your home or office, consider investing in access control systems. Besides boosting security on your property, the physical access control systems will improve the efficiency of your business operations or building management if you are a contractor.

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Now, let’s look at the different types of access control and how they can boost security.

Security Systems Made Easy

Mechanical keys can quickly get into the wrong hands. However, when you invest in an electronic access control system, you’ll gain more control over whoever should access the designated spaces and which doors they should have access to in your workplace. You can also control the time they access the doors and the conditions to gain access.

Types of Access Controls

There are three main access control types we offer at My Garage And Gates. Which one you choose is dependent on personal preference.

  • Telephone Access Control Systems: As its name suggests, this type of access control is designed to be accessed through a telephone call. This type of system is favored by residential or commercial buildings rather than single-family homes.
  • Solar Powered Access Control: One of our more environmentally friendly options, this control system is wonderful for those who are looking for a cost-effective option.
  • Motorized Access Control: This is the classic model of access control systems. These models offer everything you could ask for and is generally operated by a remote button.

My Garage And Gates Can Help

Since access control systems play a vital role in improving the security of your home or business, please don’t hesitate to install the systems. Source all your control access accessories from a reputable company like My Garage And Gates. We offer the highest quality security systems and seamless integrations to secure your home or business.

Schedule an Appointment

If you plan to install access control systems in your home or business for better security, schedule an appointment with My Garage And Gates. We’ll add a high level of security plus video surveillance to your entrances and exits. You can count on us whether you want to invest in cloud-based access control or access cards.

Contact us today to discuss your control access management systems with our experts.

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